• Only in New York: An Exploration of the World's Most Fascinating, Frustrating, and Irrepressible City (Paperback)


  • No one denies that New York City is unique―but what makes it sui generis? Sam Roberts, a longtime city reporter, has puzzled over this in print and in his popular New York Times podcasts for years. In Only in New York, updated with new tales and fascinating glimpses into uniquely NYC life, he writes about what makes this city tick and why things are the way they are in the greatest of all metropolises on earth. The more than 75 essays in this book cover a variety of topics, including:

    -How do New Yorkers react during disasters?
    -Maritime history (the Hudson River)
    -Crowds, space, and population growth
    -1908: a year in History history
    -Jewish Daily Forward
    -What happens when a neighborhood loses its tony ZIP code?

    A winning and informative gift book for every fan of “the city,” Only in New York is elegantly written and solidly reported.
  • $ 19.95

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