• Notes For A Desi Utopia: Tips To Fix Every Problem Ever In My Community & Yours?


  • A lot of issues get brushed under the rug in the South Asian Community but not today! Notes for a Desi Utopia is a satirical video series that mixes hurt, humor and semi personal notes/complaints of artist and comedian Symin Adive (The Onion, UCB) about her own community. Join Symin to discuss colonialism, colorism, feminism, gay stuff, and whatever other noteworthy topics of note arise in a totally fun, totally chill way. And for non-Desis, lot of complaints are unfortunately universal and intersectional, so just come anyway. Sponsored by Queens Council on the Arts and SAWCC (South Asian Womxn's Creative Collective).

    All profits of ticket sales will be donated to Sakhi for South Asian survivors of domestic violence. 

    NOTE: To purchase tickets you will need to affirm that you have read and agree to the QED policy here: https://qedastoria.com/pages/covid-guidelines

  • $ 8.00

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