• 07/29/2017
    2:30 - 4:30PM
    Non-Fiction Book Proposal Workshop

    Kambri Crews

  • Non-fiction books (anything from memoir, pop culture, true crime and self-help) are sold to publishers on the basis of a proposal which is a 20-50 page document pitching the book’s content and marketability and is supplemented by sample chapters. You write the proposal before you actually write the book.

    Taught by Q.E.D. owner and published author, Kambri Crews, the workshop will cover these parts of a proposal: overview (the basic idea), market (who will buy), competition (similar books), platform and promotion (how it will sell), author (about you), table of contents, chapter summaries and sample chapters.

    Kambri will share her publication experience and the actual proposal for her now-published memoir BURN DOWN THE GROUND. This proposal resulted in her meeting with seven publishers and an auction with three publishing houses vying for the rights.

    Kambri has helped me so much. Her class clarified everything about the proposal process from approaching agents to comp titles. Kambri answered all of my questions and created a very supportive environment for a very private personal project. I absolutely loved this class! -- Caitlin B., writer & performer

  • $ 10.00

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