• My Brother Has Autism


  • In his new show, “My Brother Has Autism,” Graham Kay uses levity to tell the story of life with a disabled brother. Now in his 40s, Graham explores their relationship from childhood through today - how it has changed and how, in many ways, it has stayed the same. Daily calls pretending to be Bert and Ernie, Graham getting arrested and his brother hanging up on the cops, and what it was like getting kicked out of restaurants as a family.

    At times silly, others serious —we learn how these moments have changed Graham's comedy career, romantic relationships and how he interacts with friends. Graham uses the stage as catharsis to contemplate the uncertainty of his future as part-comedian, part-caretaker.  Underneath heartfelt anecdotes and witty punchlines, Graham is ultimately confronting his life’s biggest fears.

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  • $ 10.00

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