• 11/16/2018
    11:00 - 1:00AM
    Movies R Dumb Presents Samurai Cop

    Chris Gersbeck

  • Every month Chris Gersbeck invites NYC's quickest comedians to riff on the worst movies of all time. This month he's chosen the most baffling action/thriller from 1991, Samurai Cop

    With live riffing by:

    Liam McEneaney (Showtime)
    Colin Fitzgerald (Cosmic Castoff Podcast)
    Carolina Hidalgo (Movie Sign with the Mads Podcast)

    & more!

    *Lineup subject to change.

  • $ 10.00

11/16/2018 <BR>11:00 - 1:00AM <BR>Movies R Dumb Presents Samurai Cop

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