• Moleskine Book Light


  • A malleable, tactile and fun reading light that molds to any surface or book cover to provide illumination without disturbing whoever might be nearby. This lightweight and rechargeable Booklight in natural green features a luminous LED light and can be found in a range of cool or bold colors to inspire bright ideas on the move. Rechargeable via USB so you are never left in the dark.

    2-LED lights
    rechargeable via USB connection
    invisible light mechanism
    soft-touch matte plastic
    on-off symbol embossed on back
    Red/Green charge indicator: Red light=charging / Green light= fully charged
    We suggest you do not charge the light for more than 4 hours
    When completely charged, the booklight maintains full power for at least two hours

    3.8 x 18 x 0.2 cm
    1 1/2'' x 7'' x 1/8''
  • $ 19.95

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