• May the Fourth Be With You! This Star Wars Day with The Drunk Texts


  • May the Fourth Be With You! The Drunk Texts is ready to celebrate our favorite holiday this May with Star Wars: A Hope Renew'd -  a Shakespearean adaptation written by Andrew Sanford. The force is strong with us this year so don’t miss your opportunity to play drinking games with Chewie, take shots with Darth Vader and celebrate Star Wars Day the Drunk Texts way!

    The Drunk Texts dusts off classical texts, or texts made classical, in performances that combine drinking games, improvisation and audience participation. A boozy twist on classical theatre, the interactive evening lets the audience vote on who takes the next shot and even safely volunteer for a crucial cameo line. Drink along with us as we bring the bar to the classics...you may have heard of these texts before, but you’ve never seen them like this.

    Read Bobby Patrick's BroadwayWorld review of the The Drunk Texts HERE!
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  • $ 10.00

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