• 06/17/2017
    11:00 - 12:30PM
    Making Comics: The Art of Sequential Storytelling

    Jim Shaw

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Comics

    Have you ever wondered what makes comics tick? What is it about comics that makes the drawings come to life, instead of falling flat on the page? Do you know how to draw but want to bring your skills to the next level? This class will teach you all the basic techniques of making comics, graphic novels, and manga. Taught by the webcomic artist of Will Draw for Food, Jim Shaw

    $90 for the 4 part class, or $25 for one

    Next Classes: 
    Sat 6/24 11am-12:30pm Lesson 2: Drawing Words and Writing Pictures
    Sat 7/1 11am-12:30pm Lesson 3: Understanding Manga
    Sat 7/8 11am-12:30pm Lesson 4: The New Comics Industry
  • $ 25.00

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