• Make Your Jokes About YOU - 5-Week Comedy Workshop - APR 8 - MAY 6


  • Discover your unique voice, create your 5-7 minute set, learn stage techniques, improve your writing, and perform. This workshop will culminate with an awesome show for all of your friends and or family to attend! Limited spots available. 

    The small group workshop, which Keenan started teaching in Mexico City, turns on the idea that your funny standup comes from what is unique about you. From the very first class, we will listen to your jokes and set. We work on improving your set by focusing in two principal areas:

    1. What makes YOU uniquely funny
    2. How to turn this FUNNY into jokes.

    Keenan, known his energetic, authentic, and off-the-cuff style, started in New York before bringing his standup to Mexico – in English and his non-native Spanish – and returning to NYC. He’s graced The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, New York Comedy Festival, and many other festivals. His new standup hour, Sneaky, has played dozens of times across cities in Mexico and now in New York. He’s on Instagram @keenanstandup

    The goal of the class is to have a 5-7 minute set to perform full of many laughs per minute.This class will also help impart the following:

    -   Improve Your Writing Work Ethic
    -   Joke structure
    -   Generating premises
    -   Being present on stage
    -   Playing on stage
    -   More, depending on what the class wants to learn.

    The Class includes:
    - Intro to Famous Standup Comedian Styles
    - A personal one-on-one approach. Keenan will coach you, including as we get closer to the show, reviewing your text line by line.
    - All workshops will include you practicing your set and getting feedback in on stage and with a microphone.

    When? MON, APR 8 through MON, MAY 6 from 7PM - 9:30PM
    Graduation show date & time: THU, MAY 16 7:30PM

    Who’s it for? Beginners and comedians who have been at it for a few years. 
    *You can miss one class without a problem and still get the full benefit of the class. You can miss as many as two classes max and still perform in the final show, though missing no more than one class will get you the most out of this course.

    SAVE $50 by enrolling by MAR 31st. Tuition is $300 in advance then $350 from APRIL 1 thru APRIL 6. SALES END APRIL 6!

    No refunds. You can transfer to a future 4- or 5-week comedy class if you email your request to QEDAstoria@gmail.com at least 10 days before the 1st class.

    To purchase tuition you will need to affirm that you have read and agree to the QED policy. Click here to read COVID policy: https://qedastoria.com/pages/covid-guidelines

  • $ 350.00

Make Your Jokes About YOU - 5-Week Comedy Workshop - APR 8 - MAY 6

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