• 09/02/2017
    3:00 - 4:30PM
    Line Break

    Bill Shunn

  • Line Break is here again! It's the eclectic monthly live literary magazine where poetry meets prose, fact meets fiction, and high-brow meets low-brow, at fabulous Q.E.D. in Astoria, Queens.

    At every show, live-lit veteran William Shunn brings a wild assortment of writers together on one stage. Our August 5 lineup will feature:

    Julia Wertz (contributor to The New Yorker)
    Amanda Claire Buckley
    Robert J. Howe
    Eden Robins
    Monica Wendel
    and more!

    Through comics, illustrations and photos, Julia Wertz teaches you a whole new way look at New York City. Her then and now illustrations show how neighborhoods have changed over the decades, her photos of abandoned locations illuminate disappearing places, and her comics tell humorous stories of forgotten history. 

    No rules, no themes—just the best writers in town. Line Break—it's the start of a new thought. Don't miss it!

    Interested in being in the show? http://www.linebreakseries.com/participate.html
  • $ 7.00

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