• Part Stand Up, part Ted Talk, "LADY ADHD" combines comedian Blaire Postman's signature high-energy, mind-blowing flip chart stand-up comedy pieces with running commentary about her life with long-undiagnosed ADHD, and some lessons learned where the two intersect. 
    As one reviewer noted, "Imagine if all the open tabs on your computer from a weekend of spiraling down Wikipedia rabbit holes were then woven into a cogent and brutally funny theory about the brain, art, aging, Americana and The Self."
    Since its mid-pandemic debut in late 2021, “LADY ADHD” has toured theaters in cities around the U.S., was an official selection to be part of the 20th SF Sketchfest (2023), has been featured on some of the hottest current podcasts, was the closing event at the 2021 International ADHD Convention, and had a run of shows at Caveat comedy theater in New York City.
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  • $ 10.00

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