• 08/19/2017
    1:00 -2:00PM
    Intro to American Sign Language (ASL)

    Kambri Crews

  • This one-hour class and practice session will focus on the basics of American Sign Language (ASL) vocabulary and discussions about Deaf culture taught by Kambri Crews, a hearing child of deaf adults (known by the acronym "CODA" in the Deaf community).

    You will learn the ABC's and basics of finger spelling, a bit about Deaf culture (why the capital "D" sometimes and lowercase "d" other times?), and how to communicate using hands, bodies, and facial expressions. You'll learn how to spell your name and how you acquire your own special "name sign".

    And, yes, she can teach you all the dirty words.

    Class includes a laminated reference card that is yours to keep so you can continue practicing at home!

  • $ 7.00

08/19/2017 <BR>1:00 -2:00PM <BR>Intro to American Sign Language (ASL)

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