• 07/14/2019
    7:00 - 8:30PM
    I Still Love U, America.

    Meriam Raouf

  • Remember when America was famous for premarital sex and good dental care? A time before Home Depot was the official tiki torch sponsor of KKK rallies?
    Join us as we tell tales of leaning into your patriotism and still being afraid to travel south of DC. Hosted by Meriam Raouf. 
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    Presented by The Muslim Otherhood A collective of non-judgmental Muslims & Arabs who want to hang on to their culture.We're a group from a diverse group of ethnic backgrounds and interpretations of Islam. All the culture, none of the side-eye. 
    Meriam Raouf is an Egyptian-American standup & writer who has not been able to explain her job or overall life choices to her extended family. If you don't come to these shows, she may cry and take the LSAT.
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07/14/2019 <BR>7:00 - 8:30PM <BR>I Still Love U, America.

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