• 05/31/2017
    9:00 - 10:30PM
    I Laugh to Keep From Crying

    Becca Beberaggi

  • Roselina Albino is moving out of the room she has lived in for 4 years tomorrow, but she needs you to take over the lease. The location is great and it's super cheap, the only problem is Nun's live here too. Part tactless craigslist ad, part coming of age story, "I Laugh to Keep from Crying" is a story about about the journey to self love, Daddy issues, medical crisis's, and Nun's who think "50 Shades Of Gray" is porn. It's a stream of consciences about a girl who doesn't know anything but is trying really hard. It's an ode to strong women, especially the head nun Sister Jackie. Props will be used, laughs will be had, and tears sometimes shed.
  • $ 7.00

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