• 06/08/2017
    9:00 - 10:30PM
    Go Ricki

    Matt S. McCormick

  • Yo, ho! Back off my man and get ready for a big surprise!  “Go Ricki” is a standup & storytelling show with themes derived from the ridiculously fabulous topics of “The Ricki Lake Show”. Join Ricki-wannabe & ambush makeover enthusiast Matt S. McCormick as he hosts some of New York’s funniest performers while they go on about fat friends, nasty neighbors, two-timing traitorous tramps, and more! It’s gonna be all that & a bag of chips, so dump that zero, get yourself a hero, and bring him along for the ride!


    Calvin Cato (Dudes Being Dudes Being Dudes)
    Angela Cobb (My First Time)
    Patrick Holbert (End of the Line Comedy)
    Cathy Humes (Cinder Block Comedy Festival)
    Chrissie Mayr (Comedy at Stonewall)

    Matt S. McCormick is a comedian and writer originally from Massachusetts. As a comedian, he’s performed at clubs throughout New York City, including Stand Up NY, Broadway Comedy Club, and Caroline's. His first solo comedy show, "A Friend of Dorothy (Zbornak)", was a Time Out NY Critics' pick, while his second, "Broad Shoulders", sold out at The Duplex. He is the producer & host of "Go Ricki", a monthly comedy show based on topics from Ricki Lake's 90's talk show, at QED Astoria. He has also performed as part of the QueerCom, Solocom, and Cinder Block Comedy Festivals. As a writer, his original pilot treatment is featured in the book "Write to TV: Out of Your Head & Onto the Screen" by Martie Cook.  He doesn’t like birds or clowns; if you’re neither, feel free to follow him on Instagram and Twitter: mattsmicormick
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