• 08/26/2017
    2:00 - 4:00PM
    Get Your $hit Together: Personal Finance for Women

    Kate Asson

  • We live longer, make less money, pay more for products and services, and are frequently asked to conduct unpaid labor. For the sake of our financial security, women must push back on these pervasive norms. Join me for a low-stress, relatable workshop where I cut through the b.s. and provide practical advice and useful tips to help you secure a more stable and flexible financial future. I aim to remove the fear and helplessness surrounding money management and empower you to take charge.

    This class is geared toward women-identified folks, but all are welcome. Anyone holding student loan and/or credit card debt, struggling to build a savings account, or dealing with stagnant income would benefit from this class.

    Note: investing and investment products outside of retirement accounts will not be discussed--stay tuned for level 2 and up classes!

    Credentials/disclaimers: Kate is not a CPA or CFA. She does, however, have 10 years of financial industry experience and holds FINRA Series 7 and 24 licenses. For further cred, she has saved one year's rent, has no credit card debt, and recently achieved student loan freedom.
  • $ 25.00

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