• 09/28/2019
    11:00 - 12:00PM
    Get Published: A Primer for Writing for the Web

    Whitney Meers

  • You may have heard it's tough to make money as a writer, but the truth is some of the largest publications in the world pay people like you to write awesome content that brings readers to their sites. If you're ready to see your own byline alongside your favorite writers on the media channels you visit every day, sign up for this primer in getting published on the web.
    Whether it's your dream to make a living as a writer or you're just hoping to share your work with a broader audience, this is a crash course in pitching, writing, and submitting your stories. We'll cover:
    • Some lesser-known facts about the freelance writing process and the editorial industry
    • Where and what to submit
    • How to write an awesome pitch letter
    • The business of freelance writing
    • What it takes to thrive as a freelance writer
    We'll also leave time for a Q&A. Join us to take the next step on your journey as a freelance writer.

    Whitney Meers will be teaching Writing Satire, Personal Essay Writing and Get Published Workshops all on the same day. Buy two or more together to receive a discount! More info here. Pricing options below.
  • $ 20.00

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