• Furious


  • Written & Performed by Emily Fury Daly
    Music by Natasha Bergman 
    Directed by Rob Tendy 

    Emily Fury Daly hails from a long line of powerful, headstrong, and downright dangerous Italian women. As a lifelong people pleaser, Emily questions how she fits into such a formidable lineage – and if she even does.

    Fresh from a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, "Furious" weaves together Emily’s experiences as a kid in Special Education, a young woman in early recovery from alcohol addiction, and a volunteer at Planned Parenthood. Join your new best friend as she kicks down the fourth wall with blissfully unhinged storytelling, clowning, and music. Oh, yeah, and there’s an accordion!

    “Lots of laughs with a darker sub-text. This one-woman show has you fully entertained - The Fringe Review

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  • $ 8.00

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