• Brown Sugar Body Scrub


  • My favorite body polish by Fresh costs $40 for a 7 oz jar! (GULP!) It’s heavenly. It exfoliates gently, smells…well…fresh, and leaves my skin feeling like silk. It’s ridiculously overpriced, so I perfected a recipe that could pass any side-by-side comparison and have been using it during every bath time since, making up for all the times I didn’t because I’m a cheap bastard. Now I’m a smooth, soft, shiny, silky happy cheap bastard!


    Brown sugar
    Sugar in the raw (aka turbinado sugar)
    Olive oil
    Coconut oil
    Essential oils (any blend about 10-15 drops total)

    For this scrub, I prefer lemongrass to make it identical to the Fresh scrub but other citrusy scents like orange, lemon, grapefruit and the like are good, too. If you have a preferred scent combination, let me know and I'll make it!

    I use my finger to stir it up beforehand as the sugar settles to the bottom between uses. If it's cold, the coconut oil will harden up the mix so just run it under hot water or keep it in a warmer place. I use about a tablespoon each for the backs of my arms and elbows, my décolletage, knees and feet. Be careful of a slippery tub and *pat* yourself dry instead of rubbing to retain that silky smooth feeling.

  • $ 12.00

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