• 01/20/2019
    2:30 - 4:30PM
    Foundations of Calligraphy (Two-week course)

    Ian K

  • FOUNDATIONS OF CALLIGRAPHY (a two part course) 

    This class will meet on:
    Sunday, January 20th 2:30 - 4:30pm
    Sunday, January 27th 2:30 - 4:30pm
    For 4,000 years, the chisel edged pen has been the primary tool with which western language was recorded until falling out of use in the 16th century, and eventual obscurity by the 18th century. 
    Learn about the history of calligraphy, and the basics of its technique from Rome through the Middle Ages, and the Arts & Crafts revival of the 19th century. Letters are a part of our every day lives; it’s important to know a little bit more about where they’re from and how they’re made. Get writing! 
    MATERIALS: The materials are a calligraphy marker and paper. There is some history of calligraphy, but it is tangential. The focus of the class is on developing a personal hand based on a foundational script. 
    The calligraphy you will learn is broad-pen calligraphy, not pointed pen calligraphy, so it prepares you to learn historic hands like uncial, blackletter, roman, carolingian, &c. rather than copperplate or spencerian, or more “cursive” hands. 
    PART 1 (Jan. 20) - In this class, we break down what makes calligraphy significant, both broadly and personally, to help motivate students to practice outside of class. Most importantly, we introduce students to the tool itself: the broad edged pen, and the basic shapes which make up letters.  After some exercises, we will practice putting shapes together into letters, both majuscule and minuscule, based on their shape families. We look at the anatomy of the letter, and examine it in its natural habitat: the writing line. 
    HOMEWORK — There will be some practice exercises e-mailed to everyone.
    PART 2 (Jan. 27) - In this class, we will move from letters to words, and we learn the importance of the spaces between the letters in creating a visual unity. We will practice writing some difficult words, address any problems students are having, and aim to calligraph a quotation.


    Ian K. is a calligrapher and letterer based in Woodside, NY. His work has shown at the Nameless Gallery, the Brownstone Gallery, and FTS Gallery. He is an artist in residence with Distilled Minds Studios, and a member of the Society of Scribes, Washington Calligraphers Guild, and a student at Atelier Gargoyle. 
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