• 10/06/2019
    12:00 - 2:00PM
    Find Your Funny: A Crash Course on Improv Comedy

    Brittany Brave

  • About Find Your Funny: A Crash Course on Improv Comedy

    From stage presence and finding your voice, and character building to scene-painting, Find Your Funny will turn novice improvisors into experienced players. 

    Inspired by the world's leading schools of comedy, and infused with instructor Brittany Brave's (UCB, iO, The Second City) own personal philosophies, Find Your Funny is an all-in-one course for folks looking to step outside of their comfort zone and harness their comedic voice. In addition to improv, the class also touches on acting and public speaking and builds a connection between the principles of comedy and students' professional and interpersonal lives.

    Both beginning and experienced improvisors are welcome to attend! The 2-hour crash course is equally supportive and challenging, and offers both one-on-one feedback and a comprehensive understanding of improvisation's greater function within comedy.

    About the teacher:
    Brittany Brave is a NYC-based comedian, actress, writer and host. She possesses 15+ years of theatre and improv experience, having trained and performed at UCB, iO, The Second City, The PIT, Magnet Theatre and more. Currently, she performs improv, along with sketch and stand-up comedy all across the city and was named an Emerging Talent by TBS Network in 2017 at the NY Comedy Festival. She hosts and produces the podcast Violently Funny and runs Cat Call, an organization that curates 2-3 all-female events/month in arts and media. Follow Brittany @brittanybrave on Instagram and @britbrave on Twitter. 


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