• 10/29/2017
    1:00 - 3:00PM
    Fabric Marbling Class

    Ebony Short

  • Learn the process of floating vibrant fabric paint on top of a thick gellike solution (size) and use a variety of tools to create a beautiful
    swirled patterns!

    Class Syllabus: 
    -Introduction to the Class(2min)
    -Demonstration on how to create size (5min)
    -Allow Class to create Size (15min)
    -Demonstration of paint drip technique, design, and actual marbling
    of fabric (30min)
    -Allow class to complete their marbling samples and scarf (45-60)
    -Hang to dry and clean up(10-15min)

    - Silk/ Cotton Scarves
    - Alum
    -Storage Container
    - Ammonium
    - Fabric Paint ( 6 colors)
    -Paper Towel
    -Cloth Pins
    -Tools ( forks, spoons, toothpicks ,

  • $ 45.00

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