• 05/10/2017
    9:00 - 10:30PM
    Everythign Is Ded: The FINAL Everythign Is Dumbn!

    Chris Gersbeck

  • After a two year run, Everythign Is Dumbn is calling it quits. But not before throwing one final insane show. The show will be packed with favorites from throughout the years and hosted by Chris Gersbeck. 


    Lauren Hope Krass
    Andrea Ilene Shapiro
    Daniel J. Perafan
    Argon Fritz
    Alisha Delp
    Derek Humphrey
    Ben Wasserman
    Joe Keyes
    Jenn Wehrung
    David Feldman
    Liz Simons
    Peter Bandyk
    Daniel Ahrens

    & more!!! YES MORE!!!
  • $ 7.00

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