• 08/30/2019
    9:30 - 11:00PM
    The Drunk Texts: Star Wars Prequels

    Mike Gregorek

  • A new spin on Drunk Restoration Comedy, welcome to - THE DRUNK TEXTS! Buried for years. Forgotten by time. But now, they’re coming back to life.

    Join us as our team of professional thespians dust off a classical text, or a text made classical, in a performance that combines drinking games, improvisation and audience participation. A boozy twist on classical theatre, this interactive evening lets the audience vote on who takes the next shot and even volunteer to hop up for a crucial walk-on role. Drink along with us as we bring the bar to the classics...you may have heard of these texts before, but you’ve never seen them like this.
    This month's drunk text: STAR WARS PREQUELS
  • $ 10.00

08/30/2019 <BR>9:30 - 11:00PM <BR>The Drunk Texts: Star Wars Prequels

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