• 10/27/2017
    7:30 - 9:00PM
    Cosmic Castoff Presents: “Sock-Hop Seance”

    Argon Fritz

  • Paranormal comedy podcast Cosmic Castoff is bringing a one-of-a-kind Halloween experience to Q.E.D on October 27th. "Cosmic Castoff Presents: A Sock-Hop Seance" will transport the audience back in time to 1962 for a High School Halloween Dance to solve an ages-old mystery. Attendees will be encouraged to dress in period attire (or any costume of their choice) and will spend the evening immersed in a hilarious, haunting, and downright strange evening of comedy, music and mind-bending storytelling. The event will delight people unfamiliar to the podcast and fans alike. Don't miss this interactive evening of Halloween fun!"

  • $ 8.00

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