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    May 5th lineup*:
    Gary Gulman (HBO, Hulu) Headlines!

    Shalewa Sharpe (Comedy Central)
    Devin Delliquanti (The Daily Show)
    Jaren George (Hulu)
    Tracey Carnazzo (Bravo, MTV)
    Lauren Hope Krass (HBO's Women in Comedy Festival)
    Kristin Manna (New Yorker)

    *Lineups subject to change.
    Producers Lauren Hope Krass, Gabe Mollica and Kristin Manna promise to bring out the glitz in the form of hot hot jokes. Past headliners include Gary Gulman, Gastor Almonte, Luke Mones, Ophira Eisenberg, John Fugelsang, Caitlin Peluffo, Sean Donnelly and Carole Montgomery. Great for date night or if you just don't know what to do with your Thursday night. The Comedy Gold crew will be thrilled to have you!

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Comedy Gold

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