• 04/04/2017
    8:30 - 10:00PM
    Cause and Affect

    Jenn Dodd

  • Are you 😡 😭 😰 😵 😫  about the state of things in our country? Want to help, but don't know where to even begin? You are not alone. Enter "Cause and Affect", a monthly meet-up group for do-gooders who want to learn and take action. Each meeting will begin with a speaker from a different movement and end with an actionable execution to help make a difference.
    Join us for our April event where the theme is SCIENCE!  April 22nd is Earth Day and folks are taking to the streets to march for science. We'll begin the evening with a discussion on the current issues facing the science community. Then, grab a beer and get our craft on! We'll be making protest signs for the March for Science (markers and cardboard provided).

    Cause and Affect is a community of do-gooders who meet monthly to make positive changes across an array different movements. Each meeting will begin with a speaker/thought leader and end with an actionable execution to help make a positive difference.

    "Cause and Affect" is intentionally spelled that way as a turn of phrase. Every month, a different CAUSE is picked and then actions are taken to AFFECT them.

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