• 05/20/2017
    12:00 - 1:00PM
    Intro to the Art of Cardistry

    Frank Sung

  • Join us in learning about the world of cardistry: the art of manipulating playing cards.

    Here’s a video for you to understand the wonder and potential of cardistry: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOnv6m0-zhI

    You can call it very fancy shuffling, skateboarding with cards, or performative sculpture...but we can all agree on one thing: IT LOOKS AWESOME AND YOU WANT TO LEARN.

    Some benefits of cardistry include impressing your enemies, improving hand-eye coordination, always having a party trick, keeping your fingers strong and nimble, and having a new and unique outlet to express yourself creatively.

    Come check out all or just one of these dates to learn some moves:
    Sat May 6: One Handed Charlier Cut, Swing Cut, Swivel Cut
    Sat May 13: Card Spring, Waterfall, Dribble
    Sat May 20: Thumb Fan, One Handed Fan, Spreads
    Sat May 27: Card Twirl, Card Shot, Pirouette, Revolution Cut

    You can come in as a new student on any week! The workshops are organized so that a beginner can come in and learn something new. If you have certain moves you want to learn, let me know! Bring a deck of playing cards with you or buy one from me for $5!

  • $ 15.00

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