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    This honey has excellent floral and citrus notes.

    Origin: Florida

    Falling in between Clover and Buckwheat kinds of honey in taste, this raw honey is made from the various nectars of wildflowers.  Due to the variety of nectars, this honey can have different flavors depending upon which wildflowers the bees harvested from and which season the flowers were in when they were visited by the bees.  

    In general, Spring and Summer honey is a light amber color, whereas the Fall and Winter varieties of Wildflower Raw honey are darker in color and contain more antioxidants.

    This honey is raw, meaning that it is not pasteurized and comes to you in its most natural and direct from the hive state.

    Origin: New Jersey


    This beautifully dark honey has a bold flavor and is antioxidant-rich. Its pleasant flavor has notes of chocolate and molasses that linger on the palate after the first scrumptious bite.  Made from bees that have harvested from the hearty and nectar-rich flowers of the buckwheat plant, this honey is a perfect sweetener for baked goods that require a deeper flavor.

    The flowers of the buckwheat plant are small and yellow, seemingly made for the honey bees to harvest from.  The honey is a product of true symbiosis between insect and plant!

    Non-pasteurized or heated, this raw honey has notes of molasses.

    Origin: Pennsylvania

    Most honey produced in the U.S. is of this pleasing and mild type.  This honey has a beautiful pale amber to white color and has that delicate and delicious taste that most people attribute to honey when they think of it.  

    This honey is made by bees that have been harvesting the fragrant nectar from the beautiful white or yellow flowers of the clover plant.  The hives are located close to the clover plants to give the bees a good source for this product. They work tirelessly to provide us with this sweet treat!

    This honey is not pasteurized and is in its most natural state – raw.

    Origin: South Dakota


    This light amber honey has a full-bodied flavor with a hint of fruitiness. This honey is made from bees that have primarily harvested the pollen from fragrant blueberry blossoms.  It is not blueberry flavored, but an echo of the blossoms that give it its light hint of fruitiness. This raw honey hasn’t been pasteurized or processed and therefore is not uniform in color

    This honey has a naturally light flavor and is perfect for drizzling over baked goods, or even just as a compliment to butter on your favorite bread.   From the comb to your table, it is the perfect natural sweetener for all your baking needs!

    Origin: New Jersey

    This light honey has a wonderful 'caramelly' flavor without being too overpowering or heavy like other similarly flavored darker honey. Perfect for tea and coffee if you're looking for a little flavor that will play well with the delicate notes of the drink.
    Origin: South Dakota

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Raw Honey (8oz) - Five Varieties by Astor Apiaries

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