• 03/24/2018
    3:00 - 7:30PM
    Audrey Dimola's "WILDLIGHTS" Book Release Party & Performance

    Audrey Dimola

  • "sometimes you have to stand at the edge of your vessel, against the rails - staring out, half-blindly, into the darkness and uncertainty - restless hands quivering like the spirit inside that knows not where it’s headed.. but only that it must go." 
    Join Queens-born poet/performer/firecracker Audrey Dimola as she celebrates the release of her second collection of poetry & prose, "TRAVERSALS." Known for anything but perpetuating the traditional reading format, you can count on an interdisciplinary love-fest, semi-inappropriate jokes, and tales of the triumph of the human spirit.
    Talented friends of the poetic, musical, and dancey variety will be on hand to perform: Valerie G. Keane, Kymberly Nolden, Jacob Horstmeier, Marc Montfleury & Tyler Rivenbark combine powers with Audrey herself for an evening both fun and heartfelt. More info about "TRAVERSALS" is here: http://audreydimola.com/books/traversals
    RSVP by sending an email to audrey.dimola@gmail.com with your full name and phone number.
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03/24/2018 <BR>3:00 - 7:30PM <BR>Audrey Dimola's "WILDLIGHTS" Book Release Party & Performance

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