• 08/22/2018
    7:30 - 9:00PM
    All Is Forgiven: A Non-Religious Show About Religion

    Ian Goldstein

  • Want to confess? If not, how about hearing others do it? On a stage. Join some of New York's best performers and storytellers for a show about how belief runs deep in everyone's lives. Religion guides some on how to live, who to marry, afterlife planning, and decides whether or not you can be president. So let's all get together to see some good folks divulge personal anecdotes about the impact of religion on their lives. This show is not aimed at converting, convincing, or destroying, just relating. Whether it's positive, negative, or somewhere in between (purgatory?) this is a show for anyone who wants some catharsis in a world where everything you do seems wrong.


    Christi Chiello (Jeff Ross's Roast Battle, TruTV)
    Becca Beberaggi (Funny Or Die, Lady-Saurus Comedy)
    Kenice Mobley (2 Dope Queens, Person About Town)
    Chanan Zvi Maister (Eight Years Of Yeshiva) Ike Ufomadu (The Special Without Brett Davis, Nightcap)
    Ike Ufomadu (The Special Without Brett Davis, Nightcap)

    Hosted by Ian Goldstein

    *Lineups subject to change.

  • $ 10.00

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