• All Good Things Are Wild & Free Wrapping Paper & Gift Tags


  • Beautiful wrapping paper and gift tags inspired by nature, from Flow, the international brand that celebrates creativity, mindfulness, and the pleasures of paper.
    • Includes twelve 19” x 26” sheets of wrapping paper printed with different illustrations on two sides
    • Plus 12 punch-out full-color gift tags
    Each colorful illustrated sheet of wrapping paper by Valesca van Waveren is like a gift itself. Her patterns, inspired by the quotation “All good things are wild and free,” from the Henry David Thoreau quotation, remind us of the simple joys of nature: pressed flowers, shiny beetles, sweet figs, noble tigers, and traveling snails. Tear out the decorated sheets along the perforations and unfold them to their full size before wrapping a parcel and affixing a matching gift tag.

    The full All Good Things Are Wild and Free stationery line includes: 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle, sticker book, stationery set, daily tracker, wrapping paper and gift tags, sticky notes, sketchbook, and notebook set.
  • $ 19.95

All Good Things Are Wild & Free Wrapping Paper & Gift Tags

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