• 09/30/2017
    7:30 - 9:00PM
    A Krass Act

    Lauren Krass

  • Comedian Lauren Hope Krass has worked very hard to try and make some sense of her life through playwriting, songwriting, and stand up comedy. She still hasn’t figured anything out but she did manage to create one hilarious hour of material for you fine folks.

    This show is a collection of her best work. It’s a hodge podge of storytelling, stand up comedy, and even music! I think they call that cabaret but this is “ A Krass Act.” (It’s just a really catchy name, nothing too vulgar in the show but don’t bring any kids just to be safe.) With original songs such as "The Accidental Fluffer" and "Fat With Standards", you're sure to get a good laugh or hundred. The show incorporates themes of romance, sexuality, body image and what it’s like to dress up like “Fat J Lo” on the Dr. Oz show. 

    On the keys: Trey Cooper
    Opening Act: Caitlin Brodnick
    *photo credit: Forest Casey.
  • $ 8.00

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