• 09/28/2019
    3:00 - 5:00PM
    Intro to Podcasting

    Argon Fritz

  • Have you been dreaming of starting your own podcast, but don’t have the slightest idea where to start? Have you opened GarageBand and been terrified by how many digital knobs there were? Have you listened to WTF and wondered “could that be me?”

    Luckily, these days it doesn’t cost much or even take all that much effort to get your show online where anyone can listen AND have it sound professional.

    Intro to Podcasting will cover:

    Coming up with an idea for your podcast
    Deciding the best format for your show
    Equipment you need to get started
    General recording & exporting tips in Apple’s GarageBand
    How to get your podcast on iTunes

    By the time you leave this course, you’ll see just how affordable and easy it is to get your show to the masses!

    Instructors Chris Gersbeck and Colin Fitzgerald host Overkill (with Chris and Colin), a show that discusses a different pop culture topic each week. Colin is also the host of comedy podcast Cosmic Castoff, the #1 Paranormal Podcast on the Planet. Chris is a producer of multiple podcasts including Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident and Dave Hill: History Fluffer. He also helped build QED Studios, QED's podcasting studio.

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