• 09/23/2018
    8:30 - 10:00PM
    Help Wanted!

    Babe Parker & Jenn Wehrung

  • Waitress! Admin! Person Who Hands Out Flyers In Times Square! Just some of the jobs that comics do while they are busy comic-ing at night. If only you could pay the rent in "exposure", amiright? 
    Help Wanted! is a NEW monthly show hosted by QED favorites, Babe Parker (Neato Bedito) & Jenn Wehrung (Laugh It Up, Astoria) who have done ALL sorts of jobs (though neither have flyered... yet) and welcome a line up of funny folks who have, too! Join them as they invite some of NYC's Hottest Comics to yuck it up about the daytime ways they make a buck! 
    September 23rd- "KID"ding Around With The Nannies!
  • $ 5.00

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