Tovah Silbermann is a comedy producer and standup comedian living in New York City. She produces shows all over the city, is the co-founder of the Empire Biscuit Comedy Festival and host of the podcast Making Ends Meet with Max and Tovah.

She is also a formerly hassidic Jewess who spends her time offstage navigating secular life, pretending like she understands basic cultural references and wishing she had a prom.
Eitan Levine is a writer, improviser and stand up comedian. He is currently a member of the PIT house team, Champagne Empire, the Magnet musical improv house team Goats, and the co-host/head writer of Who Won The Internet? which airs weekly on PITtv. During daylight hours he is a trending news writer for Elite Daily. Eitan has no idea how to interact with women because he went to an all-boys Jewish high school and, not that he’s ever tried it, but he does not understand the appeal of shellfish.