Long story short: Shaminder Dulai is a storyteller who specializes in not being a jerk. Long story long: Shaminder is an award-winning photo and video journalist with 20 years of experience producing compelling content in newsrooms across the United States. He strives to create images that live beyond the daily news cycle and believes the world isn't a simple binary.

Shaminder is former Global Director of Photography and Multimedia for Newsweek magazine, where he founded Newsweek Films, NWPhotoLab, curated Instagram and was responsible for all visuals from print to digital and moved the needle for visual journalism. His efforts earned him back-to-back wins for Best Use of Photography and third place for Photo Editor of the Year.
His excursions have taken him on a six-month road trip across the USA, in which he lived and produced work out of an AirStream; the back alleys and borders of India and Pakistan to study migration and security; and a segment on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on Statelessness in America. 
His work has spanned three continents and appeared in Newsweek, Newsweek Japan, Newsweek Korea, The Daily Beast, MSNBC, The Houston Chronicle, Mother Jones, The UK Guardian, Vibe Magazine, International Center of Photography, The Washington Post and others.