Scott Bateman started in animation, creating the PlumTV show Scott Bateman Presents Scott Bateman Presents in 2007 and the feature filmAtom Age Vampire in 2009.

He is also the author of Disalmanac: A Book Of Fact-Like Facts (Penguin, 2013) and the popular Twitter account @Disalmanac, which dispenses false facts several times daily.

In early 2014, Scott Bateman won $100,000 on the game show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and used $10,000 of that to finance his first live-action movie, You, Your Brain, & You. He traveled to 11 US states and two foreign countries for footage. The film features several New York City comedians as clients of the Brain Institute.

Born and raised in Oregon, Scott Bateman lived in New York City for a decade and now lives in Beacon, NY.