PIZZA BROS! & Rich (or PB&R) formed in the winter of 2012 and have been performing long-form improv comedy ever since.  They perform the Krompf -- invented over ten years ago -- as taught to them by some of the original creators of the form. PB&R can be seen performing comedy all over NYC, dashing from comedy theatre to bar basement and back, earning laughs and touching hearts wherever they go.

They are:

Nathan Bennett
Nate Bennett and a comedian, writer and former minor YouTube personality. He has studied at UCB since 2011. He improvises with mythical beast PIZZA BROS! & Rich and some other teams that probably came up with their name last minute.

Rich Chapple
Rich Chapple is an improv nerd, cartoonist, and musician who has studied at UCB since Fall 2011 with teachers like Ben Rodgers, Brandon Gardner, and Chelsea Clarke. He also likes drawing sloths and enjoys a good French Onion soup.  

Jennifer Memmolo
Jen Memmolo is an improviser with guns for hands from New Jersey. She has studied at UCB since 2011 and has done a killer Reese Witherspoon impression since 2007 (est.).

Dave Murray is an improviser, writer, and punk rock drummer. He has studied improv at UCB since 2011, where he took classes which almost every person who would let him. He wrote an ePamphlet about fighting every animal. 

Joe Nolfois a well meaning improviser from New Jersey.  He enjoys Italian food and good friends.