Nelson Hughes (curator and host) is a film researcher, curator and film collector with a particular focus on silent film and classic animation. With a desire to share lost and forgotten early comedy films with new audiences, Hughes has been producing the That Slapstick Show! series in the New York City area for the past five years.
Tommy José Stathes (co-organizer and co-host) is an archivist, historian, exhibitor, distributor, and educator in the realm of early animated films. Stathes is best known in film history circles for creating the Bray Animation Project research initiative; the Cartoons On Film early animation rerelease label and Cartoon Roots Blu-rays; supplying early animated films to and co-hosting them on Turner Classic Movies; as well as for the 16mm “Cartoon Carnival” film screening series in New York City. Stathes is also a faculty member at the School of Visual Arts and Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema, teaching various animation history and survey courses.