A graduate of Hampshire College ML has been working in New York Theatre for over thirty years. She has written and taught theatre acting, writing, and improv in New York and Massachusetts. Her ten-minute play What If, was nominated for a 2010 Innovative Theatre Award, for Outstanding Original Short Script. She was commissioned by the Flying Bridge Arts Company of Brooklyn to write book and lyrics for the musical children's plays: The Spider and the Dokannos and The Adventures of the Stone Monkey King. Other credits include mainstage productions of her full-length plays Ashes and Life Among The Natives. Workshop productions full-length:  Resolution, Consequences and Balance. Showcase productions ten-minute: Heaven Swing, Baloney, PUNCH, Newton’s Genesis, Stan and Illy Await the Coming, and Good Samaritans in Late Afternoon. Her new plays I Know the Words Dreaming Drunk I am Here and Moon Walking From Everest’s Summit have been given stage readings in 2012 and 12013. ML is a member of the Dramatists Guild.