Melissa Roth has been working in the entertainment industry as an actor and makeup artist since 1998.  Starting her career in beauty makeup for weddings and special events she transitioned to print work and headshots, then to film and eventually to special effects.  She has worked on numerous stage and film projects making people both beautiful and horrific.

She teaches workshops on basic stage and film makeup as well as special effects to both kids and adults. Work includes weddings, special events, and fashion shows, headshots for actors, musicians, and corporate websites, album covers and music videos, short and feature films, and stage plays, musicals, and operas.

Skills include natural and beauty makeup, contouring and highlighting, use of cream and powder makeup,  bruises, cuts, and gashes, prosthetics, latex and silicone based products, wigs and fake hair, and squib and blood effects.

Melissa won Best Special Effects for her work on the feature horror-comedy “Hellfire” (Insane-O-Rama Productions) from the Horrorfind Film Festival 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia.  “Hellfire” was also awarded the Audience Choice award at the NY International Film Festival 2012 in LA.

To see some of her work in action take a look at the Hellfire trailer.  And keep an eye out for the full film coming soon on DVD and BlueRay!  Be advised…it is not for the faint of heart.