Match: Lit’s mission is to educate, engage, and inspire both audiences and New York City youth alike through quality theatrical productions rooted—but not limited to—the works of William Shakespeare. To bring this mission to life, Match: Lit aims to:

  1. Educate New York City’s youth through theatre classes—with ties to nearby preparatory and public schools—rooted in teaching the language, the history, and the works of Shakespeare;
  2. Provide artistic opportunities for socially cognizant New York City actors and creators, both emerging and experienced, who will together create stunning new visions from a respected old canon;
  3. Awaken our audiences with culturally relevant and stimulating productions of plays—those which they may have seen before, but now will experience from a new perspective: “Shakespeare in a new light.”

Our priority is artistic integration: where artists of all kinds come together in the rehearsal room to create beautiful work, and where students of all kinds come together in the classroom to provide mutual understanding.