Karen Bart
is an Evolutionary Astrologer who enjoys bringing people increased clarity about their life direction, and purpose. She accepts that our birth charts are not random and that all human beings react creatively, yet unpredictably. Karen has a Level Two Professional Certification from Steven Forrest’s Astrological Apprenticeship Program and a growing private practice in New York.

Thirty years ago she made her way to Mason's Bookshop, a metaphysical book store on Lexington Avenue in New York near Bloomingdales, interested in metaphysics and looking forward to her first astrological reading. Zoltan Mason strongly encouraged her to study astrology, as he pointed to relevant planets and signs in her chart, recommending both “a vocation and an avocation”. She left with two books good insights, but felt less than satisfied with the thought that some planets were “bad”. Still, he pointed to other places in her chart where she could balance some of the “gloom and doom”. At the time she was a Pan American “Stewardess”. Adventure and freedom ranked high on her list, just slightly below her quest to find love along with a strong desire to help people. She used her opportunities to travel to bring toys and clothing to orphanages abroad. As years passed, she did find love, had a family of her own, worked in the business world and flew for another airline. Somewhere in there she read the two books purchased at Mason's Bookshop and sensed that nothing in the chart is bad; however, it was only after meeting Steven Forrest and learning the Evolutionary approach, that her love for this art was truly awakened.