Jordan prides himself on making his clients’ accents sound flawless. After being featured on “Sesame Street” at the age of five, his childhood obsession with character voices, accents, and impressions later led him to stand-up comedy, where he won a Jerry Seinfeld Impersonation Contest at The Comic Strip in New York City.

Jordan holds a degree in Business and Marketing from Montclair State University, where he first began teaching accents to others. After studying voiceover with Stuart Dillon, Jordan booked spots for Brooks Brothers, Music Choice, Help USA, and more. His love of accents and dialects has taken him all over the US and to numerous countries, where the flavors and melodies of the languages are his souvenirs. He began building a library of his own recorded interviews with native speakers from around the world. Jordan incorporates these and other elements into his private coaching sessions, as well as his group classes, which he likens to a fun networking party at the United Nations.

Jordan is a member of the Linguistics Society of America and the American Dialect Society. His guilty pleasures include 90′s grunge karaoke, BBQ, and New Jersey Devils hockey. He swears he watches MTV’s Teen Mom for accent research.