With over ten years of experience as a songwriter, performer, teacher, and recording artist, Jason has harnessed his passion for music, using it as an effective tool in empowering youth and adults from all over the world to build self-confidence through self-expression.

Most recently, he developed a community music learning program called Musicphilia: Love for Music, which serves to give back to the community through music lessons and workshops that create accessibility and opportunity for beginners to pick up an instrument or write a song, to build upon musical self-expression.

As a singer/songwriter, Jason has released several albums, teaming up with producer James Sabella (Marcy Playground, Nine Days), vocalist Angela Workman (Stevie Wonder) and percussionist Steve Holly (Paul McCartney).

He has successfully funded and organized several US tours garnering support from national press and college radio stations. Additionally, he has organized and performed at various fundraising events, raising money for children affected by life threatening illnesses as well as communities affected by natural disasters.