The Gallery at Q.E.D. is dedicated to presenting the work of emerging and under-represented artists and to developing the portfolios of collectors.  Artwork by Giuseppe Catanzariti of Astoria, Queens, will be on display at Q.E.D. from July 5th through December 2015.

View each item below and in person at Q.E.D. 

My name is Giuseppe, and I have been painting for my entire life. While my work is informed by various aesthetic disciplines, Primitivism, Naive Art and Cubism are those which have had the most outsized impact on my style. I prefer to paint abstract and mythological subjects, as these are especially stirring to me, both as a painter and as a human being. Of the greatest interest to me are the mythologies of the classical societies of ancient Greece and Rome, as well as the mythology of King Arthur and his Court at Camelot. I believe that art exists to bind us all together - to elicit emotional reactions that expose our shared human experience. If any one of my pictures is able to speak to you as a singular individual, if it is able to stir something inside of you, then I feel as though it is serving its full function as a piece of visual art. This relationship is inherently reciprocal, and, I believe, fundamental to our humanity, I can be found on all the social media with the hashtag #GSPartworks. Thank you for your interest and support.