A web developer by day, but a comedian at heart, Eitan Rosenberg got his creative start the way any creative child of the 90’s did:  making music, videos, sketches, and mischief with his friends in Cleveland, OH.  Well not everyone grew up in Ohio, but his time spent in the Midwest taught Eitan the power of DIY, and not in the Pinterest meaning of the phrase. He developed a passion for innovation and creation using the resources he had access to. Eitan has spent the last few years doing stand up at The Treehouse, Gotham Comedy Club, and UCB among others and performs all around the city on an indie improv team, BurritoBot. Now he's hosting Shrinkwrap, a multifaceted show featuring some of New York City's finest jesters, storytellers, musicians, and artists — so fresh it's still in the shrinkwrap!