Dustin D’addato is a New York based comedy writer, performer and director. He has appeared on VH1, Discovery Channel and at countless comedy festivals across the country. Dustin has also written and directed several comedy projects for NBC Universal and is an award winning playwright.In addition to WLWLOP, he is the co-host of the Going Blind Sucks podcast and was the host of the Comedy Nerds Podcast.

Morgan Pielli is a graphic novelist, performer, and voice over artist. He's performed on RISK! LIVE, WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF?, TALES FROM THE COSMOS, and YUM’S THE WORD. He's also recorded commercials for Samsung and Dannon, and appeared in TIME OUT NY and The Huffington Post. Everything Morgan Pielli related can be found on all of the major social networks, under the name MorganPielli. For show dates, demo reel, and to buy his lovely comics, visit him at MorganPielli.com.

Dave Warth is a human person. He likes performing, and he does that at shows around New York. He likes writing things too and he’s doing that with a couple people right now. Eventually you may be able to see some of those things on a screen of some sort. Dave’ll be sure to mention that if and when that’s the case. He thinks it’s weird that bios are written in the third person, but he’s not sure what, if anything, he could do to move the needle on that. He hopes you’re great..