Amy Liszka: is a comedian, actress, and writer in NYC. She wrote and directed a one act, comedic play, The Power of Now-ish?. She holds a BA in Theater with a Dance Minor from Penn State, a graduate of AMDA and UCB and is currently trying to find many jobs to get her money back for all of her education. Follow @amyliszka

Karen Malmquist: studied sketch writing at UCB and improv at the Annoyance (RIP). She was seen in the last time they did "Cindy High" and other stuff and has a twitter she sort of uses and desperately needs more followers @tortillablanket

Jess Salamone: is an aspiring screen and satire writer. She's studied comedy at UCB, Magnet Theater and Second City. To pay the bills Jess works in New York City as a reality TV producer doing the lord's work. When she's not working (and when she's working) you can find her eating snacks that aren't hers, retweeting angsty teens and writing open letters about every one of her grievances. Can you follow her on Twitter - @Blessed2BJessed - please?

Martina Maio: is a writer, producer, and sensitive soul surviving in New York City. She has studied comedy at the Magnet Theater and Second City Theater. She specializes in G-chat therapy and can be found sitting on any stalled train staring into space, making unintentional eye-contact with strangers. Follow her on Twitter, @martinamaio for stream of conscious complaints and emotionally charged haikus.